Small Group

Candlewood Church

Participating in a Small Group is a great way to develop deeper relationships, and get more connected at Candlewood. Small Groups are made up of people at similar life stages. For example, we have several Small Groups of just college students. We have others for Young Professionals, still others for “Families (and more)” etc.

Having positive influences from a Small Group, where members can help each other navigate decisions and situations unique to their stage of life, is a big way that Candlewood works towards meeting people’s needs: spiritually, practically, and relationally.

Small Groups typically meet a few times a month, usually in someone’s home, and do things such as discuss the Bible and how it applies to everyday life, discuss the sermon from that weekend’s church service, and pray for each other. Small Groups also seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others, serve the community together, and have fun.

Members of Small Groups often build deep and long lasting friendships. We invite you to connect with one of our Small Groups by emailing, or visiting the Connect Table next time you’re at one of our services.

 We hope you choose to join us this Sunday, and welcome you, regardless of where you are at on your journey.