Candlewood Church

At Candlewood Church Omaha, we have sent hundreds of people on international short term missions trips over the years, logging thousands of hours in service, evangelism and discipleship!

Many people in Nebraska have never been out of the country, so sponsoring yearly mission trips overseas has been a great way to help people broaden their understanding of the world, the global church, and the task at hand to reach the whole world with the Gospel. We have also sent many missionaries on medium and long term international mission trips, to support partner churches, and help start new churches, and we also conduct regular mission trips within the United States.

We believe that while the majority of our time will be spent in our local mission fields, mission trips can be of tremendous value to the people going on the trip, as well as to the communities and churches being visited and served.

If you are considering going on an upcoming mission trip, you may find the resources below helpful. If you have any questions about our mission trips, email jim@candlewoodchurch.org.

2020 Missions Trips


Yellowstone National Park (June 26 – July 3) 


Dominican Republic (July 22 – July 28)

2021 Tour of Israel


Ever wanted to walk the land our Savior walked? Join us next February 2021 as we tour Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Galilee, the Jordan river, and many other sites. Those that make this pilgrimage say “the Bible comes alive”.

For more information and/or to register, please click here.

 We hope you choose to join us this Sunday, and welcome you, regardless of where you are at on your journey.