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Acts 2?

Acts 2 is a group of students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha who want to make college count for more than just a degree. We want to share the life-transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and believe this is best done by working alongside the local church. Therefore, we are actively connected to Candlewood Church right here in Omaha.

Our mission: to reach the campus with the gospel alongside the local church to make lifelong disciples



Meet The Acts 2 Staff



Matt O’Malley


As a freshman at UNO I had a radical encounter with a group of Christians living on campus - the men and women who attended Acts 2 modeled real community and strong faith in God. That year I accepted the Gospel and my life totally changed. Since then, God has given me a passion to disciple college men and to be a light for the Gospel at UNO, the very place where my faith began.


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Kara Van Schooneveld


I grew up hearing about God and going to Sunday School, but Jesus’ power to save never clicked for me until I finally realized how much I needed Him when I was in middle school. Since then, I’ve wanted to share what He has done for me and everyone, and especially with people who are my age. Even though I grew up going to Candlewood, I chose to go to UNO purposefully so I could join Acts 2 and share the Gospel with the students there. As a Student Campus Missionary, I spend my time going out on campus and sharing the Gospel, alongside with making purposeful connections with those I meet to show them Christ’s love that’s a gift to us all.




Ernie Clements


I became a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ in my early twenties because of the labor and love of a few faithful men. I joined Acts 2 as a student at UNO and have been transformed by the grace of God, through faith in Jesus Christ. I now have a heart that loves God, His Word, His Gospel, and His Church. I have been given the privilege to serve Christ as one of His ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through me to reconcile the world to Himself (2 Cor. 5). I hope to influence countless lives to the glory of our God, and make disciples for the rest of my life on Earth.


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Valerie Wiebelhaus


I grew up in a Christian family, but I knew that that didn’t make me a Christian. I knew that becoming a disciple for Christ was a lifelong commitment and was something I had to decide for myself. I made that choice when I was thirteen; I surrendered my life to Christ and decided to live for Him. I decided to go to UNO because I wanted to be involved in what God was doing through Acts 2 on the campus. I am now serving Christ by discipling students, sharing the gospel and being a light on campus as a Campus Missionary.



AJ Deleski


As a freshman in high school I made the decision to follow Jesus and make him the King of my life. Since then, God has used the men and women of Acts 2 to show me what a genuine community of believers who want to obey Christ's commands looks like. As a Campus Missionary, I am passionate about discipling others to obey Christ and reaching UNO with the Gospel.


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Weekly Events

Midweek Service

Wednesdays  - 7:00pm
Candlewood Church Omaha
5051 F St. Omaha, NE 68117

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