Walking Across the Room

It’s that simple.

Just a few steps and a friendly hello may be all it takes to change someone’s life—and their eternity! And the good news is, it has more to do with taking a genuine interest in another person and listening to their story than it does with learning evangelism tactics and techniques .

For the first month of June in Lincoln during Candlewood‘s Summer Evangelism Training (SET) on Wednesday nights at 7pm at Grace United Methodist Church on the corner of 27th and R Street, a handful of college students, couples, singles, and parents has revisited Bill Hybel’s Just Walk Across the RoomCandlewood was first introduced to walking across the room last summer. The training encouraged many to look beyond evangelism tactics and simply take some steps to get know someone better, be it a neighbor, a classmate, a co-worker, a family member, or a stranger, someone sitting next to
them on a plane or a mom visiting the park.

Today, the goal of every Christian is to reflect Christ’s love and follow his example by taking simple walks across the room – leaving our circles of comfort and extending hands of care, compassion, and inclusiveness to people living far from God.

It’s just that simple. And what makes walking across the room so compelling is that it is non-threatening, not preachy, not argumentative, nor does it involve desperately trying to convince anyone. All it takes is a simple step of action to help someone, listen to someone, offer words of compassion, and include those with a rough past. These actions, according to Hybels, make the greater impact. For once upon a time, every member of Candlewood was once living far from God. It just so happened that someone took a simple walk across the room and pointed them to faith.

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