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Volunteer Opportunities for Candlewood Small Groups

At Candlewood Church, we exist to be difference makers in our city. One way we encourage our church members to make a difference is by providing volunteer opportunities. 


This year, there will be two volunteer opportunities for Candlewood Church small groups to choose from and to serve together in:

  1. Open Door Mission 
  2. Omaha Street School


Open Door Mission Volunteer Opportunity 


Volunteering at the Open Door Mission means more than just giving time. It means feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, cherishing those often forgotten, and sharing the love of Christ! 


Candlewood Church has reserved the third Saturday of each month from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM for a small group to sign up. The type of service is dependent on how many are in your group and where their need is that specific day. Some types of service are unloading pallets and donations, stocking shelves, hanging clothes, helping in the food pantry or kitchen. Children are more than welcome to volunteer alongside you too!


The impact of your service at the Open Door Mission is huge. They need 150-200 volunteers a day for all of their locations to operate properly. They serve around 1,000 people a day just through their outreach facility. This 1,000 people a day does NOT include the families and individuals that are staying at their facilities. So when you are there serving, please know that these 2 hours of your time are truly valuable and impactful! 


Please discuss with your small group which date works best. To sign up for a date contact payton@candlewoodchurch.org


Prior to serving, each person over the age of five will need to complete the volunteer application


In addition, if your small group is willing to collect and bring donations when serving, their greatest needs are boxed meals and cereal. Donations are such a blessing! Thank you for choosing to make a difference at the Open Door Mission! 


Omaha Street School Volunteer Opportunity 


Omaha Street School (OSS) is an alternative high school for students who have not found success in a traditional school setting. Often this is the last chance for at-risk students to receive a high school diploma. Omaha Street School powers at-risk students to discover new hope and success through education, vocation and love in a Christ-centered environment. 


OSS is a nonprofit organization which depends on faithful servants so they can stay fully operational. One way they do that is through having businesses or other organizations sign up to bring lunch for their teachers and students. Candlewood Church would like to offer this as a volunteer opportunity to the small groups. 


If your small group is interested in providing and serving a meal to the teachers and students at Omaha Street School, please reach out to payton@candlewoodchurch.org to coordinate. Thank you for choosing to be a difference maker for the Omaha Street School. 


Additional Information 


Small groups at Candlewood Church are made up of people in the same life stage. They help people develop lasting friendships and find support for navigating through life. If you are interested in joining a small group at Candlewood Church, get connected here


If you have questions about the volunteer opportunities and would like to sign up, please email payton@candlewoodchurch.org

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