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Update: Church Center as New Giving Provider

Candlewood Church will be transitioning to a new giving platform, Church Center, in the next few months. We believe Church Center will create a better experience for the giver through an easily accessible app and smoother account management. We have tested the platform with members of our church over the last year and have received positive feedback. Below is a link to a Church Center article about how to get set up, as well as directions on how to delete a recurring gift on our previous platform, Vanco. 


Setting up Church Center Giving


Church Center has an easy-to-follow article, including a one-minute video tutorial, about how to get set up. The article also contains information about how to edit recurring payments, adjust notification settings, and view donation history. Click here to view the article!


How to Stop Recurring Gifts on Vanco


If you currently have a recurring gift set up online, you will need to login to Vanco to stop it. Here are the steps to delete a recurring gift:


  1. Go to the Candlewood Giving page. 
  2. Select the button that says “Old Giving Provider”
  3. Log in on the right side of the page. 
  4. Select “Edit Account.” 
  5. Delete your scheduled transactions.


If you experience difficulty, please contact


Thank you for your effort in this transition. We will be closing the Vanco platform at the beginning of 2021. We understand that change can be inconvenient at first, but we truly believe this will be better in the long run.

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