Tourin’ with a Purpose


To say, “I went on tour with Jeromy Darling,” I don’t believe would paint a true picture of why we were playing, or even what God really did with our time in Ames, IA and Kansas City, MO. To say the least, I felt like an effective missionary.

Jeromy reached out to me a few months ago, and asked if I would be willing to join him to play bass for a few outreach concerts he had organized. And boy, did God really show me something great with our simple loaves and fish.

We played six shows together in only three days, and we were constantly on the road either traveling to/from shows where the Gospel went out to the hurting and sick, or we were sharing our faith in beer-cades and playing outdoor concerts to complete strangers – sharing the Gospel with these great people was not a part of our itinerary, by the way.

Now that I am back here in Omaha, I see that nothing has really changed, but my paradigm has significantly shifted, and I have since been left very eager to be used by God the way he used our music and the Gospel in those four days.

One take away I would have from my trip would be this: as a group of churches, Great Commission has regularly and faithfully placed college ministry, like The Rock,  in its path to win those on college campuses to Jesus Christ – and I am a product of that very outreach myself. However, Jeromy and I were not outreaching to the typical white, millennial, party-hungry, non-religious, 20-somethings that I see every day at UNO. No, we were playing for those who were at the bottom of the barrel and who were genuinely the hurting and hungry for the love of Jesus.

I cannot tell you how hard it was on campus just a few years back to lure college students to an outreach event where we wanted to share Christ, but Jeromy and I were playing for those who Christ associated with: the broken, the poor, the losers, the abandoned, the outcasts, the inmates, and drug abusers. These are those who are truly hungry for the Gospel, for Jesus, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to share with them and to be a part of this outreach.


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