To Our Volunteers: Thank You

As a church, we are getting ready to kick off the Building Together Campaign. For us, as pastors leading the church, it has been a season of evaluating who we are and where we are going. As we look back, we have been humbled to see how God has used Candlewood Church.

In the last 20 years, hundreds of people have become believers of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of others have grown in Christ, and lives have been transformed. Marriages have been saved, and our communities have been blessed. The fatherless have found a Father, and addicts have been rescued. Christian disciplines and habits (reading the Bible, prayer, tithing, serving, etc.) have been developed. Parents have learned parenting, and students have learned life skills. All of this has happened in large part to the faithfulness, sacrifice, and service of each of the volunteers in our church.

It is the men and women of Candlewood whom God is using to change our communities. Our church would not function without each of you volunteering to serve. Every aspect of our church is run by servant leaders – from our Sunday morning set-up crews to Small Groups throughout the week; from Mom’s Time and children’s ministries to mission trips and hospitality. We are thankful for each and every person who serves at Candlewood.

We are humbled to see God use your unique gifts, skills, and abilities for his glory. We are humbled by the countless hours, energy, and passion you put into serving the Lord. We are humbled by your cheerful smiling face when we know the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into the ministry of the church. In short, we are thankful for you. You are part of changing the world one life at a time by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are a part of Candlewood’s impact on each and every person who comes into contact with our church.

As we look to the future, we are filled with excitement knowing the last 20 years have laid a foundation. The last 20 years have just been the start to how God is using us as a church. We are building towards an even greater impact in Omaha and Lincoln, in Nebraska and the Midwest, in the United States, and all over the world. We are thrilled to be serving alongside you as God leads us in the next chapter of Candlewood’s history.

Building Together,

Candlewood Pastors

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