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Thoughts from Mark 14

A Note From the Pastor. Thoughts from Mark 14


This morning I had two thoughts from today’s reading in Mark.


1st – In Mark 14:22-52, we see our Lord and His disciples having communion, singing, quoting Scripture and praying.  I was thinking about how the church of today continues to include these four elements in our worship service.


2nd – The other thought I had was just how alone the Lord was on this last night on earth before His death the very next day.  I was thinking to myself, “I would have stayed awake, Lord, I would have prayed, I would not have abandoned you” and yet, in reality, I really don’t know what I would have done.  Lord, give us the strength, courage and conviction to follow you no matter what lies before us.  I’m so thankful the Lord defeated death and promises us of His return.  I’m so thankful for the apostle’s transformed life of cowardice to courage, of compromise to conviction.  Lord, help us to live in accordance to Your will.


Building Together,
Rory, Candlewood Church Pastor


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  • Mar 10th 7:00pm | Celebrate Recovery
  • Mar 12th | Small Groups will be meeting!
  • Mar 13th 7:00pm | Ladies Night
  • Mar 14th 9:30am | Production/Ministry Team Leaders’ Meeting
  • Mar 15th | Last day to bring trinkets or wrapped candy for piñatas for Wilson Focus School.
  • Mar 21st 9:00am | Parenting Conference in Lincoln


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