The Rock UNO: The Year in Review

As an upperclassman, I felt that I could not do justice in regards to how much The Rock has impacted this year. Therefore, quotes in italics from freshmen in response to the question, “How has the Rock impacted your life?” will be found throughout this review.

Before the school year started, we focused on a Bible study on the Prayer of Jabez. Last summer, not only did we learn about our identity in Christ, but we were praying for God to have an impact on UNO’s campus.

During Welcome Week, some men and women walked around the buildings of Scott Campus and prayed for God to have a gigantic impact. We prayed for soft hearts, lasting friendships, and new believers.

The Rock truly is an answer to my prayers. –Monica Sheridan

The Rock has impacted me by discovering and helping me grow my relationship with Christ. –Katie McCarthey

Our three Small Groups, Ahamo, Homaha, and Omaladies, saw nine people accepting Christ into their life, and several others who recommitted themselves to following Christ. In Small Groups, ten to fifteen people came together to share meals, Bible verses, and prayers. I cannot express how much God has done this year in so many individual lives through Small Groups.

Small group has made me step out of my comfort zone. For example, I never prayed out loud before or felt so vulnerable. I love going to Small Group because of the fellowship I have with my sisters in Christ. –Anisha Jones

Everyone in the Rock, especially those in my Small Group, have become like family to me! I grew up in a Great Commission Church, but being involved in the Rock has really challenged me to make my faith my own! –Tabitha Harris

At Faithwalkers, twenty-two new faces walked into the doors for the first time in their life. Learning about defining moments made us all look back on the things of God, especially throughout the past semester. God answered a lot of our prayers from over the summer and throughout the school year. The Lord gave Rockers the hearts needed to create a homely environment with genuine love and interest for one another. God helped unify our church family to make it stronger.

The Rock has been a blessing to me because the Lord is at work in the hearts of his people there. Having moved across the world from South Africa to America… I found a home away from home. –Joel Kazhilla

It has been really great to find a church home and a bunch of people who will stand by me no matter what. I feel very blessed to have become a part of such a wonderful group of people. –Sydnie Schmidt

For spring break, The Rock UNO’s three Small Groups had the opportunity to go on two separate trips. Ahamo went to Minneapolis to help out with the church up there. They enjoyed teaming up with a team from Wisconsin and The Rock Church to share the story of Jesus Christ. They even developed a new way of meeting new people by talking with students across an area known as “The Bridge.” This is a place that hundreds walk on every day.

Homaha and Omaladies went to Oklahoma State down in Stillwater. They shared the Gospel on campus, and a gentleman did 4 hours of a Bible study known as “Beginning in Christ” with a person from our team as well! After stops in Oklahoma City and Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City, they drove back up to Omaha to finish out the semester strong. Both trips allowed Rockers to have an impact by serving sister churches and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As one can imagine, the spring break trip was an amazing experience of teamwork and evangelism revealing the heart of Christ for unbelievers and His mission for the church. I have been immensely encouraged by my Small Group’s prayers for my hometown friends and also for me. –Maddie Klar

The way the Rock has impacted so many lives has been incredible. Looking back, God has created a strong community going into our Summer Leadership Training (SLT) program. We are focusing on the impact community has on our life with speakers like Mark Darling, Tom Short, Christopher Biang, Rick Whitney, and several others. God has made a huge impact this past year, and we cannot wait to see him answer our prayers for this summer and next school year!

Several leaders stuck their neck out to make sure I knew that they loved and cared for me…They accepted me for who I am. They accepted my past. And will be a part of my future. I have found forever friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. –Payton Werts

The Rock has given me a community of believers to help keep my faith strong while in college. The Rock has given me a group of loving friends as well! –Breanna Pekarek


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