The Rock UNO and UNL Spring Break Trips

Students of the Rock UNO and UNL loaded up in 15 passenger vans last Sunday and headed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The teams joined Candlewood’s sister church, Regeneration Church, with plans to serve the community and the local church.

On Monday and Tuesday, the students spent their days painting and cleaning the church’s building, helping a local shelter with packaging items, and passing out church invites. At night, they gathered together for meals and time to share with each other stories from their day.

Tuesday night, the students headed back to Omaha where they would spend the rest of the week. The teams did a variety of work ranging from trash pick up on UNO’s campus, UNO’s Seven Days of Service, and organizing the church’s storage unit.

Closing the week’s activities on Saturday, the team spent the most part of the day passing out flyers in neighborhoods inviting others to join Candlewood at its new location on Easter Sunday, April 20th for a grand reopening.

At the end of the week, The Rock UNO and UNL were satisfied with their work done for the Cedar Rapids and Omaha communities. It was a spring break well spent away from classes, focusing on a deeper passion for the needs of the community and the church.

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  • Kelly M.
    Posted at 11:09 pm, April 1, 2014

    Great work to The Rock men and women!

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