The Rock in The Rockies

Spring break. “Yes, finally!” say all students. “That time every year where college students head to Palm City Beach and/or Malibu and get gorgeously tan. I need this!”

Contrary to the apparent opinion of many envious professors and various other professional grown ups, however, most college students don’t actually go to a beach or get tans, and the students of The Rock were not an exception. (Maybe someone got a  tan, but I only saw sunburns. Sorry, not sorry, tan people.)

On March 22, forty-five students (myself included) from Omaha and Lincoln packed up their gear into three fifteen passenger vans and drove eight hours to Denver, CO; it is the third trip that Candlewood Church has sent there over the past ten years. We stayed there for five days. (Numbers are great. I ate five peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and three bananas that week. I took 246 pictures. There were zero flat tires.)

The Firehouse Church is a GCC church located in Denver, CO, and we were able to serve the church through various service projects and outreach efforts. On Easter, The Firehouse launched a new church plant in South Denver, and The Rock was able to get out over 10,000 flyers in neighborhoods surrounding the two locations to advertise both of their Easter services. Landscaping, painting, cleaning out garages, putting up walls, and “reconnaissance” work (outreaching in Denver’s community colleges) were also involved. Even after a long day of work, most people still had energy to spend time with each other, go out for ice cream, play at the park or go for a run.

The last day in Denver, we went to some mountains by Boulder to see some of God’s creation, and then headed back to Denver to hit up the 16th Street Mall for the afternoon. That night, the Firehouse provided pizza, and under white lights and a sinking sun, we celebrated with the saints in Denver what God is doing in their city. Maybe no one got a gorgeous tan or a full night’s sleep, but we wouldn’t change it for a thing.

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