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 The Church Around the World – December 2023

Candlewood Church is a non-denominational, Bible-based, Christian church in Omaha, NE. God has used us to be difference makers in our homes, neighborhoods and workplace as we have dedicated time to evangelism, community service and missions. And we believe God is not done yet! 


As devoted followers of Jesus Christ, our prayer is to continue being difference makers in the Omaha area and beyond. Not only are we part of the local church, but we are part of the global church - the Church Around the World. 


The Church Around the World 


It’s important for us to stay up to date with what is happening in the global church and pray! One way to do that is by reading the latest digital copy of The Church Around the World. 


The Church Around the World is a quick and easy read giving Christians a snapshot of significant news. Some news is encouraging and some disturbing. Please take a few minutes to read with discernment. Join us in making a difference by watching and praying for what is happening in the world today. 


Read December 2023 Digital Copy Here


A few highlights from this month’s Church Around the World:

  • Bolivian Ministry Development 
  • Benin: Pastor’s Leg Broken by Voodooists 
  • Iran: Illegal Bible Charges 
  • India: Surge in Anti-Christian Violence in Bastar Region 


Additional Information 


If you would like additional information about our local church and or the global church we are part of, please connect with us here.

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