A Sunday of Baptisms


It was a Sunday of baptisms in both Candlewood-Omaha and Lincoln on September 28.  Eight individuals decided to outwardly express their faith through baptism.  These eight individuals, who waited in a tank of water to be submerged for a brief second, publicly declared their faith in Jesus Christ, believing in their hearts that Jesus is Lord and that he was raised from the dead to give eternal life to anyone who believes in Him.

In Lincoln, on the corner of 27th and R at 11:15 a.m., as the sun shined and cars passed by on a busy street, Caitlin shared her story of faith. How a simple invitation to church by her co-workers led her to Candlewood for the first time where she heard a sermon that challenged her faith.  On her second visit to Candlewood Church, Pastor Rory Whitney shared his story of faith. Inspired by his narrative, Caitlin decided to start her walk of faith again by reading her Bible and joining Candlewood. Since then, Caitlin will be the first to admit that it’s not easy, but she has a great group of believers who support  and love her.

Seven hours later, 40 miles northeast from Lincoln around 6 p.m., Dani, Kaylyn, Laura, Angie, Mikayla, Nymal, and Savannah all expressed their faith.

Kaylyn and Laura shared how they felt as if they were in a dark place before placing their faith in Jesus.  Angie became a believer after reading the entire Inspired Evidence book.  She was convinced by evidence the authors present through biology, physics, cosmology, anatomy, geology, history, botany, paleontology along with biblical references that God existed.  Dani credited an invitation to church and a friendship that changed the course of her life.

For these women, baptism signified not only that they believed in God, but that their lives had been changed.

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