Summer Program Overview

Candlewood Church is putting on an 8 week summer program this year called Koinonia. This program was designed to help participants develop deeper relationships and will give them an opportunity to:

  • Unite with Candlewood members from all life stages,
  • Serve others like Christ did, and
  • Reach our cities with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

With the growth God has blessed us with in recent years, it has been difficult at times for people from one life stage to develop meaningful relationships with people in other life stages. That’s something we want to change with Koinonia.

The early church in the New Testament, specifically in the book of Acts, shows really strong friendships. People who loved each other sacrificially, who were honest with each other, who had each other’s backs, and who “did life together” as they served others and reached their cities with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ’s victory over death. That’s something we want to work towards with Koinonia.

One specific prayer that the pastors have for this summer is that Candlewood members would develop deeper relationships than they ever have before.

That’s why Koinonia was designed. We want to go deeper. We want to be real. We want to see what it was like to have those relationships that those first believers had.

But to do it, we need you to join us this summer as we unite, serve, and reach.

For event details, check for updates on the Church Calendar, or on the Candlewood Blog. If you’re not in a Life Group yet and want to get in on the Koinonia action, email us at

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