Service Project: Des Moines


Music pours out from a large empty room early one Saturday morning in August. Songs proclaiming the greatness of God, and how He is worthy to be trusted enhance the peaceful morning outside at Jordan Park Camp in Des Moines, Iowa. The room is a large dining hall usually seating and feeding up to 300 people but now is emptied out as it needs drywalling on half of the hall ceiling. And the music is the back drop for a crew of enthusiastic workers as they set about the huge task at hand with a focused vigor.

As the drywall crew toils industriously inside, another crew also work their way around the outside of the Dining Hall, vigorously scraping and then carefully painting the many windows which grace the structure. Members of the team also help with other jobs around the camp including more painting, cleaning gutters and even helping with mowing some of the sprawling acres of the campground that surround the Dining Hall.


Jordan Park Camp, owned by Walnut Creek Church, a sister church in Des Moines is used by many churches to host retreats and conferences to encourage teens, college students, men and women to go learn more about what it looks like to live their lives with God. Candlewood Church has sent teams in the past to help with projects and upkeep of the camp in appreciation for the use of the camp in many of the Great Commission conferences. From more drywalling to cleaning out bunkhouses to roofing, the various teams have worked hard to make their short trips east count.

On this trip the drywalling was done in a record five hours. And since the team had already tried out the camp’s well-maintained and lighted volleyball courts the night before, they could say with satisfaction that their work there was a job well done.

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