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Service Opportunities For Candlewood Church Members

At Candlewood Church in Omaha, Nebraska, we have always invested in meeting genuine needs in our community. One reason we launched our Building Together campaign was so that we could purchase a building, enabling us to do this more effectively.


Service Saturdays

As the next step in this process, Candlewood is pleased to kick off Service Saturdays this fall. Service Saturdays will be occasions when Candlewood Church partners with other organizations to meet existing needs in our community. Our first two Service Saturdays will be September 22 and September 29 from 9:00am – 11:00am.


All are welcome to join on those days: young, old, single, and families. Meet at the church building on those dates as we do landscaping and other work in partnership with:

  • Good Neighbor Ministries – September 22
  • Wilson Focus School – September 29


Further Service Saturday events will be scheduled throughout the fall and can be found at

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Additional Service Opportunities at Wilson

Wilson Focus School is the elementary school just across the street from our building. Being such a close neighbor, and with their work for the next generation, Candlewood Church intends to come alongside them through Service Saturdays, and by providing them with necessary school supplies that they are currently lacking. In addition, the school has a number of further opportunities for service that we wanted to make you aware of. These are ways you could invest some time with children at the school.



  • Lunch Table Facilitators


    • Sit at a lunch table and eat and converse with students using free talk, or table conversation starter questions.
    • Commitment:  1-5 days per week from 11:45-12:45
    • Prerequisite:  Complete a volunteer application and background check.
    • Description:  Eat lunch with 3rd, 4th, 5th and/or 6th graders to build relationships.


  • Reading Volunteers/Assist in classrooms with teachers  
    • Provide a listening ear as students practice reading.
    • Commitment:  1 hour a week
    • Prerequisite:  Complete a volunteer application and background check and interview with teacher to establish mutual fit for the classroom
    • Description:  Meet with students to practice reading.  Listen to students read and then ask a few simple questions to facilitate comprehension.
    • Help teachers with duties.



  • Volunteer Enrichment After School Teachers


    • Teach a group of students a craft (Wilson Focus School is open to the talents of those interested in proposal of a class they’d be interested in teaching)
    • Commitment:  1-3 days per week, but committing to an 8 week session to teach the after school course.
    • The after school enrichment program is 3 days per week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:30-4:30
    • Volunteers could teach one, two, or three days per week, but would need to commit to the the length of the session.
    • Prerequisite:  Complete a volunteer application and background check.
    • Description:  Teach a class that volunteer has expertise in.  (Ex. Gardening, Chess, Golf, basketball, etc. (this is wide open with my approval)



  • Morning News Volunteer:


    • Assist in working with a group of students to prepare news items for our Morning News.
    • Commitment:   1-3 hour per week (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) from 3:30-4:30 p.m.
    • Prerequisite:  Complete a volunteer application and background check.
    • Description:  Help students create a professional morning news report.



  • Library Volunteers:


    • Assist with various duties in the school library
    • Commitment:  1 hour once a week during school day  8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    • Prerequisite:  Complete a volunteer application and background check.
    • Description:  Assist the school librarian with activities such as shelving, books, etc.


If you are interested in one or more of these service opportunities at Wilson Focus School offered throughout the school year, please reach out directly to the Assistant Principal at Wilson Focus School, Christine Moats, at or call her at 402.773.1785.

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Serve With Us

As a church we want to obey the great commandment by showing people God’s love through our service. This an important part of what we are trying to accomplish as a church, and to teach to our children, so we invite you to join us in meeting genuine needs in our community. If you have questions regarding these service opportunities, or for more information please call us at 402.991.5152 or email us at

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