With the advance of the semester into the month of March, Students at UNO and UNL are gearing up for Spring Break! For the students of the schools, it could mean many different things. For some, it could mean going to the beach or somewhere exotic. For others, it could mean going home to see family or friends, while even some may spend the time working and doing other various activities. For The Rock in Omaha and Lincoln, spring break looks very different from that.

This year, The Rock will travel to Denver, Colorado. Departing on Sunday, March 22nd, students will ride in 15 passenger vans to Denver to help a partner church, The Firehouse Church. The trip will include three days of serving through various ways. In the past, trips have involved building improvements, door-to-door flyer handouts, community outreach, and campus outreach. Past trips have been to various cities across the country: Denver (CO), Janesville (WI), Ames (IA), Cedar Rapids (IA), Decorah (IA), Manhattan (KS), and Provo (UT).

But in addition to being a trip that benefits the churches, the trip provides a great opportunity for Rockers to grow in their faith, their relationships, and have a little fun while doing it. Countless Rockers have gone on a spring break trip and returned changed for the better. It is a great time to grow upward in one’s relationship with God and getting to know others.

All of this is not even mentioning the bonus day we will have to choose what we want to do – anything from shopping and sightseeing in the city to venturing out into the mountains. Then, after four days in Denver, the group will make the journey back to Lincoln and Omaha on Friday, March 27th.

But don’t just to take my word for it on how amazing and building this trip could be for you. Ask any of the past Rockers how the trips have impacted their spiritual life and relationships. They are sure to have a story or 20 about the great things that came from their decision to go on the trip.

I asked handful of past and present Rockers: “What is your favorite memory from past spring break trips with The Rock?” These are some of the responses I received:

My favorite things about spring break trips were the long car rides together… Always finding ways to entertain ourselves. The car rides are like a fast track to getting to know someone. You are with everyone for 5 or 6 days, so you can’t help but get to know them more.” – Josie Nelson

“Both years I have gone, I have seen my friendships with the other Rockers grow immensely from serving with them and having fun together.” – Tori Thomas

“My favorite part was doing service projects with other churches and getting to know them more. I really remember my trip to Manhattan and the impact we had there.”
– Cory Osborn

“I would say my favorite spring break memory has to be plastering the Highlands district of Denver with 15,000 flyers in only 3 days! And on that same trip, jamming in the car with my Lifegroup to the song M83 every morning before we picked up the girls from their host homes. That song was epic!!” – Matt O’Malley

“My favorite thing about spring break trips is being with Rockers literally 24/7! You get to see their lives change and getting to do life with these people is a complete honor. I absolutely hate the moment when we get back to reality and we don’t all see each other every hour of every day. That’s why I can’t wait for heaven, so I don’t have that last feeling anymore!” – Dani Archuleta

This trip has impacted these Rockers when they decided to go on a Spring Break Mission Trip. If you decide to go, the possibilities of your spiritual growth and added memories could be limitless.

Interested in joining this year’s trip? Contact The Rock Here!

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