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Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Christmas Child 2021 Results

Candlewood Church, thank you so much for your willingness and generosity in being part of Operation Christmas Child 2021.  It is such a blessing to serve alongside you and to obey the Great Commission by taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.  


Operation Christmas Child Results


This year Samaritan’s Purse received:

  • Worldwide—10,505,155
  • US—9,127,591
  • Lower Midwest—718,000
  • Omaha area—15,267


I know we’ve shared this already but this year, our goal was 750 shoeboxes. Candlewood Church did 757 boxes which represents over 7,000 people hearing the Gospel! Praise God! 


Candlewood Church was also a collection site for the community. Our amazing volunteers loaded a total of 7,472 shoeboxes representing over 70,000 people hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ. 



Thank you for Being a Difference Maker 


A few families at the church have personally heard back from the kiddos who received their boxes. We believe most of Candlewood’s boxes went to children in various cities and villages in Mexico. Through correspondence, we’ve learned that a pastor used 240 boxes to distribute in four low-income neighborhoods where they went door to door to invite children to the event.  They had to search for a location big enough with a roof to host it at. The gospel was shared, and they had food and games.


We also have had correspondence with a couple other families in other parts of Mexico. Allison was able to share the soccer ball from her shoebox gift with her older brother who did not receive one due to the shortage of shoeboxes for the older kids.


A Look Ahead 


Thank you so much for your generosity this last Christmas season. These are just a few of the stories. The true impact is known only by the Lord. But the stories and pictures we’ve received from just a few of the boxes we sent show the immediate blessing, but we pray and trust the Lord that impact will be eternal and have a ripple effect in their families, friends, and communities. You can start planning, praying, and shopping for your shoebox gifts now. 


Please continue to pray for the shoebox recipients and their families.


Additional Information 


If you would like additional information on Operation Christmas, their mission, Candlewood Church’s involvement, and or how you can help, please connect with us today. 

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