The Rock UNO Edition: So Far This Semester…

The Rock in Omaha has been in full swing for 8 weeks now, marking the halfway point for the semester. Students have been working, studying, and outreaching all the same. Like always, one of the main focuses of the Rock has been to know God and make Him known to those around them. For the Rock that means many days and nights of hosting activities, Bible studies, Lifegroup dinners, and study groups.

Every week, you can expect to find some kind of activity sprout up that the Rock has invested time and manpower in. With three different lifegroups in Omaha, the Rock has a Lifegroup meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Also happening every week are various study groups that meet on Tuesday and Thursday nights, planned to help Rockers maintain high academic standards. Since we are still in college and like to make things fun, someone brought a coffee maker to make hot apple cider in the library last week.

Not everything is all fun and games, the Rock has students involved in countless Bible studies, helping people in various stages of understanding of the Bible. Days and times range, and even the people involved. For example, there is a Bible study led by Jenna Miller, one of the Campus Staffers, on Thursdays early in the morning. It is even rumored that they have muffins at their ladies only Bible study.

Our efforts at being active in getting to know those around us doesn’t stop there though, we also have weekly activities to play/watch football both live and on TV on Mondays. Sundays bring people together to watch a movie and watch the latest episode of the Walking Dead. And of course, Saturdays you can always find someone trying to watch the Husker game!

For all of you nostalgic former Rockers, don’t worry, we still get together on Friday nights from time to time doing various large scale activities or smaller scale hangouts within our Lifegroups. Everything from a hangout at the slides downtown and a walk to the Pedestrian Bridge to playing various sports or athletic activities at Elmwood Park. We even have attended some UNO sporting events, and naturally we try to make as many of the campus wide events as we can handle.

Looking at all we do brings an excitement at the opportunity we have. We get the chance to invest in the lives of students and interact with classmates. We get to take advantage of our free time and spend it building long term friendships that branch beyond our time in college. We get to know others, and let our faith in Christ be the focus of our lives and friendships. Most importantly, we get to build a foundation for our lives here in college that will shape our futures in more ways than we ever imagined.

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