resources for those in need

Resources for Those in Need

At Candlewood Church, it is our prayer that you can show the love of God by serving those in need during this time of the Coronavirus outbreak. Currently, students are back home and many need resources that they would have received during school. The needs of our local community are increasing. Prayerfully consider and act upon these opportunities to help out in the coming weeks.


MARCH 16TH—8:30am-1:00pm—WESTBROOK ELEMENTARY (1312 Robertson Dr, 68114) & 


WESTSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL (8601 Arbor St, Omaha 68124)


*For any family who shows up at these sites, they will provide every child (age 0-21) in that household 5 days worth of meals to include breakfast and lunch.


*There is no charge for this and no ID required. Families will take food home.







Project Hope Food Pantry

6201 N 60th St., 68104

Call for hours: 402-453-7649


St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry

2101 Leavenworth Street, 68102

Call for hours: 402-341-1689


Omaha Public Schools – Meals

OmaHa Public Schools Teacher Administrative Center

3215 Cuming Street, 68131

Call for hours/information: 531-299-0220


South High School

4519 S. 24th Street, 68107

Call for hours/information: 531-299-2780


Additional Information 


If you are interested in learning more or have questions about these opportunities to serve the community or Candlewood Church’s response to the Coronavirus, please read more here or contact us today.



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