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Reminder: 2020 Mission Trip Applications Due January 25

2020 mission trip application deadlines have been extended. They are now due January 25. This year, Candlewood Church in Omaha, NE is sponsoring two 2020 mission trips

  • Yellowstone National Park Mission Trip from June 26 – July 3, 2020
  • Dominican Republic (DR) Mission Trip from July 22 – July 28, 2020


Apply Now


Applications for both trips are due by January 25th. Don’t worry, there is still time to apply.


If you are interested in learning more about these trips and/or to access the applications, please click here for the Yellowstone National Park application or here for the Dominican Republc application.


Why Yellowstone National Park


The Yellowstone National Park mission trip is ideal for people of all ages who love the outdoors and like to learn about geology, dinosaurs, and the science behind it. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to invite your extended family or friends who are curious about the scientific evidence for our universe being created by an intelligent, personal God.


Dan Marsden, a Candlewood Church member, is excited about going on the Yellowstone National Park trip. He says, “It is a special thing to see the beauty of the Lord with our own eyes.  This upcoming trip to Yellowstone National Park is an opportunity to experience just that! I have been fortunate enough to visit this area in the past, and the workmanship of God is perfectly weaved throughout the land. Souls are saved in two ways: Hearing the word of God and/or seeing the word of God. The goers of this trip will experience both. Praise the Lord!”


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Prayer Requests for Yellowstone National Park Mission Trip


If you are unable to go on this mission trip, what can you do? Please be praying for

  • the Lord to fill these vehicles and groups with both believers and non-believers 
  • the mission team can encourage and refine each other  
  • International students to attend
  • the believers to find courage by the Spirit to share their experience with God to others
  • souls would be saved on this trip
  • safe in travel


Why Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic mission trip supports Pastor Dago and the Great Commission Latin America church in Santo Domingo. Pastor Dago says, “currently, there’s an enormous amount of families living in subhuman conditions. By God’s grace, He has used different churches in the US to finance and help in the construction of 12 new homes! For 5,500 US dollars, families can be brought out of the terrible living conditions to living in a real home. This is something many families would never be able to achieve on their own. It’s a wonderful thing to be God’s hands and feet.”


The church will begin the construction of a house the week before our Candlewood Church team arrives in the DR. There will be plenty of work to be done on that house – mixing cement, hauling blocks and rocks, digging ditches and a septic tank. 


Our team will also help with Vacation Bible School (VBS) activities, where children receive love, instructions, God’s word, affection, fun and games and at least one sure meal.


Pastor Dago says, “We plan our work and activities with each team based on the current need and the strengths of the team.”


candlewood church serving omaha community

Prayer Requests for the Dominican Republic Mission Trip


If you are unable to go on this mission trip, what can you do? Please be praying for 

  • Us to reach out to the unchurched
  • Discipleship, mentoring, encouraging the saints of the DR church to grow in their knowledge, love and fear of the Lord and his principles for our lives. Convinced this is the only way to live a full and victorious life here on earth, regardless of our past, our struggles and weaknesses.
  • New leaders at the DR church. Dominican men willing to step up their game in following and serving the Lord.
  • Wisdom for choosing the right time and path to take in solving our awesome problem with space for Sunday services. May God guide us and provide the finances for a larger meeting place in the DR.
  • More people of peace to join the DR church. Laborers who want to be part of the Great Commission in their neighborhoods.
  • Grace and strength
  • Finances 


Addition Questions


If you have any questions, please email Jim Wiebelhaus, the Candlewood Church Missions Director, at Thank you for your prayers and consideration. 

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