2014 Parenting Conference

Steve and Kathleen Nelson boarded a plane in El Paso, TX, set to travel across the blue skies and land in Omaha, NE. Their goal: to strengthen today’s religious families and encourage the parents to bring their families to a Pentecostal Christian Church Service. It is, after all, something they are passionate about since they raise eight kids of their own. And they do so, through seminars, conferences, writing, and Facebook.

From Friday evening on April 11 to Saturday afternoon on April 12, Steve and Kathleen spoke at the Parenting Conference at Jordan’s Place, encouraging parents to equip kids to stand strong against pressures, challenges, and temptations.

For parents to do this, it begins with parents themselves to set an example for their kids. It all starts with a faith and trust in God. Then, imitating God in their everyday lives, becoming loving and caring parents, and capturing the hearts of their children along the way.

Steve also told parents that the standard parents set for themselves will determine their kids’ standards. If parents do not have their own high standards, why would they hope that kids will have high standards in life.  It was a thought that stayed with Hannah, a mother of three boys under the age of 5, days after the conference.

For the parents who attended the two-day conference, many with newborns, young children, kids, and teens, the Nelsons’ insight was refreshing.  Many, like Nick and Stacy, left the conference knowing that they could continue to turn to God as they raise their three children.  For first-time parents, like Julie, hearing from Steve and Kathleen prepared her for the years to come.  And the years to come for the next generation will mean much more.

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