Protection from Above

Psalm 121:3 -“He will not let you fall; your protector is always awake.”

Recently, my son and I were walking through the hallway of an older building. We were enjoying a conversation, and he was telling me an exciting story about what he did earlier in the day. He was so focused on the fun memory and telling me all about it that he failed to notice he was walking straight towards a shelf sticking out of the wall. In fact, he was just the perfect height so that the corner of the shelf was directly in line with his forehead. He was very quickly going to smash right into it. I saw visions of blood, stitches, and pain directly in his path.

Everything seemed in slow motion as I grabbed his arm and pulled, so that he would miss the shelf. He yelled out, “Hey!” and gave me a nasty look that said, “Why did you do that? Why did you cut off my story and yank me around?” He didn’t understand at that moment what I had protected him from. If I hadn’t been watching, he would have experienced some serious pain. He didn’t understand that I was doing it out of love. He only realized after the fact what would have happened.

The verse above describes how our protector is always awake and always watching. There are many times I cannot watch out for my son, but God is always watching out for us. God knows everything we are dealing with. He is sovereign. There is great comfort knowing we have a loving and all-knowing God watching all the time. He sees what we cannot see and knows what is best for us. Trust God today no matter your circumstances, knowing your protector is always awake.

Ben Lennander
Candlewood Church
Lincoln, NE

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