A Pretty Great Egg Hunt

Children paced the starting line, eyeing all the hidden and not so hidden plastic Easter eggs. Inside these eggs lay sugary happiness. And while it was almost 9:00 o’clock in the morning, children were trying to convince their parents that they were ready for a morning snack, perhaps the impending candy.

Every year Candlewood Church puts together an amazing Easter Egg Hunt. This egg hunt resides with children as a sweet memory. Loads and loads of candy is available to anyone who could pass for being 10 years old or younger. As a church, Candlewood has prided itself on the sheer quantity of eggs dispersed. Often stories are told of the year that children were literally dragging in their weighted down bags. 5,000 eggs were filled one year. This year, only one thousand eggs.

As 8:30 rolled around last Sunday morning morning, a handful of college students ran around Auld Park Playground, tossing eggs every which way, trying to hide them as fast as possible. The impending crowd of parents and children started to gather. And if these children were given battle instructions, they would have carried them out with the utmost efficiency. It seemed as if they were plotting and strategizing the best routes. As some children were whispering in each others ears and pointing to obvious piles of eggs, others were jumping up and down, mentally zoning in on the task set before them,not conversing with anyone, wanting to get as much as possible.

And they were off! Children dashed onto the playground. Within minutes, every last piece was picked up, tossed into plastic sacks, and held tightly by little children’s hands.

They had their loot.



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