Prayer of an LT Rocker

Dear Heavenly Father,
We felt convicted.
Because as Chris Biang was speaking,
We felt you working inside of our hearts.

In 1 Timothy 1:5, it says:
The purpose of my instruction is that
All believers would be filled with love
That comes from a
Pure heart,
A clear conscience,
And genuine faith.

In all honesty,
We don’t have a pure hearts all the time.
Some of us get angry easily.
We all need your help, Father.
Because, we cannot overcome our weaknesses without you.

Like Chris said,
Can we all look everyone in the eye?
Would we be embarrassed
If people could take a field trip around our mind?
I would.
Do we memorize scripture
And study it
To help us overcome
Difficulties in life?

No. I fail in so many ways.
So do my brothers and sisters.
Luckily, there is grace.

Please God, we’re pleading with you.
Help us to be aware of our minds
At all times.
Not just when it is convenient.
You don’t meet with us
Only when it’s convenient.
You clear your schedule for my brother, sister, and even me.

God, I want to have a core community.
I want to have oneness with those around me.
But, like you say in Titus 1:15
Everything is pure to those
Whose hearts are pure.
But nothing is pure
To those who are corrupt and unbelieving,
Because their minds
And consciences are corrupted.

God, help us to believe that everyone
Will have pure motives.
Help us to seem naïve
To those around us
Because we are so close to you
That we cannot see the past of others.
I don’t care how many times it burns us.

If the heart is the center of all spiritual activity,
Then we need to pay attention to it.
God, help us to stop ignoring
Because ignorance is never bliss.

Lord, like Chris said,
“Do I have things I need to remove?”
Please show us as a Rock, so we may grow.

Chris warned us not to live in a fantasy land.
Help us to stop staring at the future.
God, show us to live in the moment
And complete this mission.

Help us to sharpen the sword of the Spirit.
We need to memorize.
I’m convicted.
Because, when we make a habit
We can start feeding the flesh,
Chris said.

Therefore, tug at our hearts.
Make us uncomfortable.
Take us to the point, God
That it feels like we’re dying to ourselves daily.

“To be a disciple, you have to enroll,” Chris said.
God, where is the contract.
WE want to be in for life.
I know I’m not the perfect soldier,
But you did miracles with Gideon.
I know you can use The Rock,
This battalion.

Help us not to hold anger against a brother or sister.
Help us to teach disciples to observe.
Help us to love with a pure heart.
Help us to have a good conscience.
We don’t want to be imprisoned by sin ever again.

Chris taught us a lot about building a core community.
I’m extremely thankful for his sermons.
I pray that they would change our lives.
He said, “You can run harder on God’s grace.”
Lord, help us all to sprint.

In Small Group, you brought us rain
During an outdoor activity.
Who would’ve known that it would turn
Into such a blessing.
A way that we could unify
Through water fights
And frolicking.

Thursday’s dinner with Paul and Beth was amazing.
Thank you for blessing us young people
With men and women in the community
That can guide and show us
How to strengthen our relationship with you.
There are plenty of Godly examples.
Heading into July,
I pray that you keep our minds active.

Help us to turn to your light.
Soften our hearts for our speaker
On Tuesday and Wednesday
At Milo Bail.
Make us more Christ-like.
Sharpen the sword of the Spirit,
And help us conquer our flesh.
Thank you for Chris Biang’s wise words.
Change our lives for the better Lord.


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