building together 2.0 prayer guide

Prayer Guide for Building Together 2.0

There are times when an opportunity arises to make a difference for the future. Today, you have the opportunity to make a difference for your church home, ministries you are passionate about and people in your community who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Committing to be a difference maker for the future, you will make a powerful impact not only for you, your sons and daughters, the people of Candlewood Church and the building, but to the people of our city and surrounding areas as well as the future generations to come! Over twenty-five years our church family has kept us moving forward, in person and now virtually, as we explored new ways to fellowship and connect people to God in an ever changing world in which we live. 


Prayer Makes a Difference


We need you as we continue building together. Will you be a difference maker for the future? Begin praying and asking God now as we embark on a new journey together. Our daily prayer guide is one way you can help be a difference maker. 


Pray for Building Together 2.0 at Candlewood Church


Your prayers will make a significant difference as we step out in faith, trusting God with our future. View the daily prayer guide here. Please pray at home, and we are also encouraging people to sign up to pray at Candlewood Church before we begin Building Together 2.0. 


How to Sign Up 


Candlewood Church will be open weekdays and weekends Oct 3rd through the 31st 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM – 8 PM.


  • we pray that every time slot will be filled
  • there is no limit on people / groups per time slot
  • come any time between the time slot that you sign up for, no need to stay the entire time length


We encourage you as individuals, families, small groups, the youth group, campus fellowship students, couples, and friends to join together in prayer at Candlewood Church. Sign up for a day and time now



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  • Keith A Newman
    Posted at 10:37 am, November 2, 2021

    Thank you for sending this to me. A reminder to pray!

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