pine ridge mission trip

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Mission Trip

A new mission field and partnership for the Candlewood family is teaming up with a young church in Gordon, NE.  Brian Reinholz and his family moved to Gordon and have been establishing roots in the Gordon area community and the nearby Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for several years.  They were part of Beggar’s Gate of Loveland, CO, another M28 church like Candlewood.


“Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is the poorest reservation in America and the site of many colonial war tragedies, such as the Wounded Knee Massacre. Today the area is very economically depressed and has a very hopeless spiritual climate. The types of addictions and abuses you would expect are rampant here. However, because of the challenges Pine Ridge has been a source for a lot of short-term missions work. The biggest need is faithful, Spirit-led discipleship for the small and fledgling church of the Lakota nation and a steady hand extended in love and racial reconciliation to all persons.


Gordon (and Sheridan County), meanwhile, is a small, rural ranching community just a few miles from the reservation. The areas are co-mingled, but also set apart. One vision God has given us for the area is that he wants to transform both the reservation and surrounding areas, and use these local surrounding areas to help build a healthier, multi-cultural, Spirit-led church.” 

– Brian Reinholz


Dates:  August 4 - August 8, 2022


Cost:  $180/person includes sleeping on mattresses on floors, food, transportation


Items to Bring:  a happy & faith-filled heart, Bible & journal, work gloves, hat, sunscreen, reusable water bottle, boots, recreational clothing, ear plugs, etc.


Type of Work

1) Parenting Workshop & love on the kids

2) Worship & Intercessory Prayer in corporate & person-to-person prayer

3) Service Projects – build, maintenance, cleaning, painting, etc.


If you love people of different cultures and want all people groups to experience more God’s deep, deep love, and if you can do at least one of the types of work listed above and the dates work for you, please go to here and scroll down to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and click on highlighted ‘Missions Trip Application.  Fill out the application and submit.  Our maximum team size is twelve people.


Additional Information 


Thank you for your interest.  Please begin praying regularly for the Lakota Sioux, Hispanic, and Caucasian people groups of northwestern Nebraska. If you have any questions about this mission trip or would like addition information, please email Jim Wiebelhaus the Candlewood Church Missions Director.

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