Perspectives at CC 1st week Jan 23 2022

Perspectives at Candlewood Church

The Perspectives Class, hosted by Candlewood Church, started on Sunday, January 23, 2022.  At least eighteen from Candlewood Church participated which is awesome.  One of Candlewood’s eighteen was a UNO student who placed his faith in Christ just last week!  He loved the class.  Over sixty people were present, representing eighteen churches from around Omaha, NE.


John Hardin from Colorado was the speaker.  He did a fabulous job showing how Genesis chapter 3 to the end of Revelations are the bookends of God’s story of redeeming a people for Himself, defeating sin, death and principalities of darkness.


John Hardin said The Perspectives Class should be called “A Course on Discipleship.”


Not too late for you to join the class.  Remember, anyone can attend two classes without cost.


Pray that everyone grows in awe of God’s power and wisdom as we look at the movement of God from the time of Abraham to present.


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