Operation Evergreen

Community Life is a program that partners with apartment complexes to help them gain a “community life / family” feel on their properties. We originally heard about the program when Rory and Gary, our pastors, invited our Director, Bill Barton, to talk with the CWS (Candlewood Working Singles) about the program. Both Cassie and I felt led to be involved in this. It’s what the CWS has been / was trying to do at Thomasville Apartments for years, but now we have the support of the management.

We have been placed at Evergreen Terrace. Every month, we create a newsletter that every resident receives at their doors. The newsletter includes a calendar of events that we are putting on at the property as well as other events within the community and neighborhood. We have three programs a month. We are planning on doing a pancake feed every month because the apartments have seen success in that in the past. To get the community involved, we want to use Cassie’s connections to the library and have a children’s story time every month!

We have had one event so far which was our pancake feed on Saturday, February 7th. Eight residents attended, and we were able to have really good conversations with the ones who came. That is what excites us most about this opportunity because it’s an easy transition into conversation with everyone. We also get to do welcome visits to every new person who moves in. We are doing this in hopes that people will feel a sense of community where they live. They can get to know us and their neighbors. We want people to be able to feel loved and a part of something. Most of all, we want to use this opportunity as a way to extend the love that has already been given to us.

Bill is really working on building up his Omaha team. We are his second team to start in Omaha. There is one other group of guys from another church at another property who started three months prior to us. A couple of other Candlewood teams are getting ready to get started, as well – Drew and Amanda Swartz and Jaymeson Pon and Nathan Hotz. Each of the groups will need help and support from others in the church, but the fact that we have done this before without the support of management makes this transition really easy. We are praying, of course, for our own property, but also for the other properties in the city. It’s an excellent way to help reach Omaha. Let us know if you’re interested, and we can get you in touch with the right people!

Contact info for Chelsea and Cassie about an opportunity with Community Life:
cjliska@gmail.com or nielsenck@gmail.com

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