Omaha SLT 2017

By Zachery Deleski-Taylor
[The Rock-Omaha]


“Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.’” -Matthew 16:24 (NIV)


This summer has been one of the most encouraging and challenging times of a lot of our spiritual walks. The Rock-Omaha focused on True Discipleship by William Macdonald for Summer Leadership Training (SLT). SLT is a summer program for college students that focuses on growing and challenging the students to have a deeper relationship with God.  All of the nightly events focused on the basics of being a disciple. A true disciple is in the word, praying, participating in fellowship, sharing the gospel, and serving other people. This allowed us to grow in our relationship with God and with each other.


This year, The Rock-Omaha men and women stayed in host homes with each other with different families in the church. This was a great opportunity for Rockers to experience how God works inside of the family structure. Whether it was lessons in ziplining, budgeting, or late-night talks about life, The Rock men and women both became more unified through this experience.


On Monday nights, families in the church hosted Rock Small Groups for home-cooked meals and fellowship. Many nights ended with the couple giving wisdom to students. Tuesday nights, we were able to listen to pastors from across Great Commission Churches. They taught on different chapters inside of the book True Discipleship. Not only were Rockers encouraged to pick up their cross and follow Jesus daily, but they were encouraged to count the cost and realize there are rewards in this life and the next.


On Wednesday nights, we had a potluck dinner inside of Churchich Park (3051 S 50th St) right by the new church building (5051 F St). We ate together, shared testimonies, played basketball and frisbee, and shared verses with one another. On Thursday nights, we either met with our host home families or prayed at the church building. During prayer times, we broke up into groups to pray for the finances, future ministries, God’s wisdom and guidance, and that God would expand our territory.


Friday nights were reserved for going to downtown Omaha to share the Gospel. For many Rockers, this was the first time they went to share their faith with people that they did not know. For all of us, this was a great way to see God guide us to different people that were ready to hear about Him.


On Saturday mornings, The Rock did several service projects. Some involved climbing into trees to cut down limbs, others involved painting and sanding, and one even involved putting in a retaining wall (my favorite). Rockers were able to grow their serving skills as they continued to wake up early to help out different families in the church.


One thing that I benefited a lot from this summer was getting to know different families in the church on a deeper level. Through service projects, meals, and host homes, all of the Small Groups were able to branch out to meet people who are on fire for Jesus Christ in the next stage of life.


This summer was an amazing experience! Please be praying that we would be prepared for Scott Campus Welcome Week and Durango Days, which starts on August 13th, 2017. God is in the business of miracle stories and using defining moments to change people’s lives. We are all excited to see how God is going to use this school year to impact people’s lives for eternity.



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