Moving Forward

Candlewood-Lincoln has been going through a lot of changes the past few years. With a new name,  new friends, new pastors, and a new building, it feels like change is everywhere.

One thing that has not changed is the knowledge that September means the beginning of WCWW – Women Connecting with Women, a Candlewood ministry for women of all ages in the church. Candlewood-Lincoln had its fall kickoff this month, and the theme of the night was “Moving Forward” amidst the changing season.

The evening started off like any other meeting with AMAZING food. Call me biased, but I am pretty sure that the women of Candlewood are the best cooks in Nebraska.

The first meeting of the year brings new faces from the community as well as UNL students, and this time, a cake for a 22nd birthday. (If T-Swift’s song just ran through your head, I won’t judge you, it went through mine.) Old friends come back from different cities and countries around the world. Younger girls attend for the first time and are more than enthusiastic to learn from the older women.

The evening continued with laughter from gaggles of girls, some worship songs, and finally wisdom from the Pastor’s wives.

As previously stated, the theme for the night was “Moving Forward.” The topics included:

  1. Going back to the basics and reinforcing your foundation of your faith; reading the Bible daily, being faithful in prayer, and being in fellowship.
  2. Being unified as women through change, supporting each other, and building meaningful relationships.
  3. Keeping our eyes firmly set on what matters most.

The women were challenged to describe what “moving forward” means in one word. One word in particular stuck out and describes the culmination of the evening: ARROW.

When an arrow is shot, it first has to be pulled back. From there, the arrow is released in a forward direction towards the target.

Life can be difficult sometimes and full of changes that wear you down. It can pull you back and prevent you from moving on to better and more meaningful endeavours. It is when we place our lives into the hands of God that we can truly move forward, like and arrow. Our vision as Candlewood women is to move forward, letting go of the past, and aiming towards our ultimate target, Jesus Christ, together.

Women Connecting with Women – Every First Thursday of the Month (September – May) – 6:30pm

Omaha @ Jordan’s Place
Lincoln  @ Candlewood Church

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