Mosaic: Cross Cultural Ministry Conference 2014


The ISM Cross-Cultural Ministry Conference could very well be the most life-changing conference to attend. There are few places where one meets so many people with such a deep passion to reach this world with the name of Jesus and who are actually doing it. Missionaries here in the States, as well as overseas, report on the work that God is doing among Hispanic neighbors, international students, and people groups across Asia. The world is truly a “mosaic” of people and stories that God is fitting together into a breathtaking image. When one gets to hear some of those stories at this conference, one gets a bigger picture of the work that God is doing.

While it’s exciting to see what God is doing in the world, this conference is not intended for the idle spectator. The speakers have given themselves to the mission of Christ and are determined to see the whole world reached with the message of the cross during their lifetime. These are not empty words or idle prayers, and these speakers have the faith to see it happen. It is inspiring to see how possible it is to reach all people groups with the gospel in our lifetime, and humbling to think that it may not happen. It would be easy to come to this conference and soak in the glory of God as He is worshipped around the world, buy books about martyrs and AIDS relief, and talk to people from other churches about what they’re doing to reach out cross-culturally in their cities and change nothing.

If you have never thought about being a missionary or being involved in cross-cultural ministry, then this conference is perfect for you. All it requires is an open mind and a heart that wants to serve God wholeheartedly, to make disciples and to see all the peoples of the world worship God.

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  • Priscilla White
    Posted at 4:54 pm, September 12, 2014

    So when is the next mission trip?? #GetExcited

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