For the moms at Mom’s Time, coming together for one day in the month is an opportunity to share the joys and struggles of parenting. Mothers, along with their husbands, want to do the best they can raising their children. And whether one is a mother of three, four, six, or fifteen, with kids in their teens or in their early years of childhood, Mom’s Time opens the doors of honesty.  It is a safe zone, a place where they can encourage one another and pray together for each other.

Just like any other third Friday of the month, the moms of Candlewood and their children left the comfort of their home, making the short drive to the general location, a home hosted by a Candlewood mom.

The coffee had done brewing by the time the moms arrived around 9am. Donuts and coffee cake awaited.  Kids joined playtime in a different room with babysitters, college aged women, ready to watch and play with the little ones.

In the last meeting before the church’s summer schedule, the moms of Candlewood in Omaha listened to a message about motherhood.  The message, titled “Motherhood: A Call to Disciple,” was given at Faithwalkers-West in 2010 by Kathleen Nelson.

In Lincoln, the moms shared their thoughts on Chapter 6 from A Mother’s Heart by Jean Fleming, a book that offers encouragement to moms as they raise their children. Prayer requests were also shared, especially as the moms looked ahead to their summers.

Summer is a busy time after all. There’s family reunions, vacations, and fun activities. What the moms do not want to forget is to slow down and focus on their children more. And that’s what the moms of Candlewood will do all summer, just like they do every day, simply focus on their children to bring them up to be respectful, kind, obedient, and love the people in their lives.



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