Am I “mom enough”? As a new mom of a just over 2-month old, this is the haunting question that creeps in. Am I mom enough when I’m struggling to produce enough milk to feed my crazily hungry baby, or when what feels like dozens of medical professionals are asking the same questions in a never ending trial, and where their verdict decides whether I am a sufficient enough parent to care for this new child? Am I mom enough when it is 2 A.M., and the baby poops, pees, and pukes all over me and himself to the point where I finally lose my cool, and the sound of my exasperation is loud enough to wake my husband?

This is where I was at when I walked into the room on a Friday morning at the first Mom’s Time last month. As I greeted all the moms in the room, I soon felt the tension just slip away. There was right away a tangible feeling of comradery. As we dove into the book, whose title is just what I had already been questioning, Mom Enough, life opened up and the sweetness of earnest life-sharing began. Nobody sugar-coated this battlefield of motherhood, and yet we got to remind and direct each other’s gaze back to a God who IS “God Enough” whether or not we, on our own, are “mom enough.”

I think what was encouraging was not just hearing from moms who had years of experience ahead of me in this motherhood mission field where they have seen God come through despite their weaknesses, but also hearing what the moms at my same stage were dealing with, and how God was still teaching them as they are learning the ropes of this brand new role of mom. It showed me that I can find a God who is there through it all from beginning to end, and that He doesn’t, at any point, leave us to do this on our own.

So to conclude, am I “mom enough”? Nope, I’m not at all; all the same fears, insecurities, and failures still try to creep in. However, I now know I have a group of ladies, who are going to help me remember that I do have a God that is “God Enough” to take care for my son, not just as a child, but throughout his entire life. So, if you are a mom like me who feels like you don’t have it all together, I would say come to Friday Mom’s Time to vent, keep it real, and learn about a God that will keep you together.

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