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Mission Trips for the Year 2022

At Candlewood Church Omaha, we have sent hundreds of people on international short term mission trips over the years, logging thousands of hours in service, evangelism and discipleship!


Many people in Nebraska have never been out of the country, so sponsoring yearly mission trips overseas has been a great way to help people broaden their understanding of the world, the global church, and the task at hand to reach the whole world with the Gospel. We have also sent many missionaries on medium and long term international mission trips, to support partner churches, and help start new churches, and we also conduct regular mission trips within the United States.


We believe that while the majority of our time will be spent in our local mission fields, mission trips can be of tremendous value to the people going on the trip, as well as to the communities and churches being visited and served.


If you are considering going on an upcoming mission trip, you may find the resources below helpful. If you have any questions about our mission trips, email


Dominican Republic


Missions Trip Application


Candlewood is planning a trip to serve our friends and their church in the DR in 2022.  We are keeping a watch on the Covid situation here and in the DR.  Prayer is always first so please pray for them, guided by their needs and testimonies listed below.


Type of work – relational connection building.

  • Candlewood can help by sending teams to do some trainings for marriage and family, building up the believer.  Help them develop a kingdom mindset.
  • Service projects for families and orphanage, a VBS, etc.

Typical Cost:  $1500-$1700


News From the Dominican Republic July 2021

Dear Candlewood,

our church is doing well. We have come back to 2 services and are working in any way that the Lord guides us through these crazy times. We definitely miss having mission teams and in our hearts we are ready for you guys. 

Great to hear from you. Always looking forward to work together for the kingdom. 

Merphran Irias
Iglesia Gran Comisión
Santo Domingo, RD


July 15, 2021 – As a church family we want to tend to the needs of some of our saints – do some repair projects at 2-3 homes for the saints here in Santo Domingo.


We also want to do some community outreach around the church neighborhood – a couple of cookouts and probably a movie night for families. Any thing that we’ll be able to do while keeping everybody as safe as possible.


In Nigua we want to do a couple of repair projects at the homes we’ve built so far. 


We also want to build a couple of bunk beds for the families who already have received a new house but who’s kids are still sleeping in beds that are in terrible shape with rotten mattresses. 


Pine Ridge Indian Reservation – Brian Reinholz


Missions Trip Application


Candlewood is building a partnership with a pioneering ministry in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the town of Gordon.   Gordon is is population of 1,800.  20%-25% American Indian, 10%-15% Hispanic, 60%-70% White.


Type of work – relational connection building.

  • Candlewood can help by doing some trainings for marriage and family, building up the believer.  Help them develop a kingdom mindset.
  • Provide prayer and some finances for prison ministry.


Typical Cost:  $100-$300/person  (depends on housing, length of stay, etc)


Refugee Work in Europe


Missions Trip Application


Amsterdam, Netherlands, Cologne, Germany, Greece, Bosnia and others being added.

Candlewood partners with several long-time Great Commission friends who have been doing refugee work in Europe.  Joe Dunn with Great Commission Europe and Robbie McAlister with Rehire/IMB/Euro Relief.


Type of work – relationship building, prayer walking, sensitive gospel sharing


Typical Costs:  $1,500 – $2,000  (length of stay, housing, airfares, etc)


International Student Ministry in Asia & Europe


Missions Trip Application


Candlewood maintains working relationships with churches, organizations and friends in a number of countries.  Jim Wiebelhaus spearheads a multi-national team, Bridge Builders Network, that serves to mobilize, equip and place workers in ISM locations for a period of weeks to months to years.  Countries that are best prepared to place workers are Malaysia, “Asia”, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Spain.


Type of work – relationship building, prayer walking, sensitive gospel sharing, disciple making.  Can go as temporary support help, as a teacher of academics or English, a business-person, or enroll as an International student.


Typical Costs:  $1,500 – $2,000  (depends on site, length of stay, housing costs, airfares, working or student, etc)


Additional Information


If you have any questions or would like more information on this year’s mission trips, please contact our Missions Director Jim Wiebelhaus at

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