Mission: Nepal 2015

Four members of the Candlewood Church family will travel to Nepal in late January to spend the entire month of February in Nepal to help with the work of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. These are two of the stories of how God led to “go and make disciples of all the nations…” (Matthew 28:19).

1.) Sarah S.

Over the past three years, the Lord has been opening my eyes and laying the nations on my heart. I remember the first time I heard about the work in India. I felt compassion for the people and inspired by their openness towards Christ, but I also felt a sense of fear about the darkness they lived in. My fear discouraged me, and in that instant I decided that I was not strong enough and would not be the type of person the Lord would call to that part of the world.

At Faithwalkers one year, I received a bookmark about the statistics of international students in the U.S. I felt an immediate deep compassion for these students, and I realized that through International Student Ministry (ISM) I could help reach the nations. When classes resumed, I got involved in “Conversation and Cultural hour.” The Lord blessed me with friends from Asia and the Middle East and plenty of opportunities to share about Christ with each of them. The next year, I began Bible studies with international students who were of Buddhist and Hindi faith. I loved ISM and was content that this was how the Lord planned on using me to help reach the nations.

In May of 2014, I spent a week in the Dominican Republic investing time with women who wanted to know more about God. I loved every moment of it. When I came back, I began to ask God to show me what he wanted me to do after I graduated. I remembered a prayer I started when I was 17, “I will go anywhere, do anything, at any cost for you my King.”

When I heard that there was a team going to Nepal and when God asked me, “Will you go?” I immediately in my spirit said, “Yes!” However, it took many weeks of the Holy Spirit telling me to talk to Gary before I had the courage to ask him about joining the team.”

2.) Noah C.

I grew up going to church and ever since I can remember, I always had wanted to go on a mission trip to the nations. It just never worked out until I was able to go to Costa Rica in May 2013. There, the Lord put the nations on my heart, and I wanted to be a part of the Lord’s work wherever He would take me.

For 2014, I heard that there were two mission trips, one to Costa Rica and one to the Dominican Republic. Initially, I planned to return to Costa Rica because I was fearful of going to the Dominican Republic and sharing the gospel there. However, I was prompted to go by a faithful brother and decided that was where the Lord wanted me.

In the Dominican Republic, the Lord not only stirred my heart for the nations again, but for seeing the gospel proclaimed to them. I also learned the value of making disciples and was challenged in my faith as I shared the gospel. God gave me a heart to continue His work however I could. Upon returning to the States, I had a few conversations and realized I had an opportune time to go on mission after my graduation in December of 2014.

A while back, I had learned that God wants us to do great things for His kingdom. I asked God, “I expect you want me to go, so give me a red light if it is not in your will.” His reply was simply, “Nepal.” I began praying about it and attended the ISM conference and the Lord confirmed that this was His plan and not my own.”

This is the second year Candlewood sends a team to Nepal. To learn more about the 2014 team and their time in Nepal, read Gospel Adventures in Nepal.

Updates and prayer requests coming throughout the weeks as the team goes to Nepal.

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