In one of his latest books, Mark Batterson says, “If you seek miracles, you probably won’t find them; if you seek God, miracles will find you.” So, how does one experience the miracles of God?

We Seek after God
When we, as believers, truly seek after God, we become characters in God’s story. Cornelius in Acts 10 was a devout God-fearing man who prayed regularly. He was a seeker after God. Do you find yourself seeking after God, living out the great adventure of one’s lifetime?

We Pray
To pray means to exercise faith. Some of us who are reading this are very much out of shape, and some of us are marathon runners. Which are you? Obedience to the commands of God produces the miracles of God in one’s life, and we are commanded to pray.

We Need to Listen to His Voice
Why is it so difficult to hear God’s voice? In 1 Kings 13, Elijah is surrounded with the mighty and powerful, yet only when he stopped and listened did he realize that it was the voice of God. God is often found gently, whispering in the quietness of a humble heart. Saints of God, this world is so noisy with Facebook, Instagram, blogs, tweets, etc. No wonder we are not experiencing the miracles of God if we don’t even recognize His voice.

We Exercise Faith
In Matthew 14, Peter had a choice to remain in the safety of the boat or obey His Master to climb over the edge, let go of the sides, and take a step. Stop there! Don’t beat Peter up because he began to sink. When he exercised faith, he walked on water.

We Open Our Eyes
Have you taken a moment and stopped to smell roses? Your eyes react to beauty as your nose inhales chemical compounds that react in your brain that floods your senses with enjoyment.

Rory Whitney
Candlewood Church
Omaha, NE

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