Ministry Highlight: The Young Professionals

The Young Professionals (YPs). Here’s the “About Us” of this ministry of Candlewood:

  • Yes, we are young, ages ranging from 22-40.
  • We are post-grads, graduating from our respective universities. Some of us ventured into post-grad academia, completing work towards a master’s and even doctorates.
  • We are professionals, working the typical 40 hour week. We have nurses, chefs, librarians, IT specialists, teachers, paralegals, academic advisors, to name a few. We work in hospitals, state offices, corporate offices, universities, high schools, retail centers, etc. A few of us even own a business.
  • A few of us are homeowners.
  • Some of us are in relationships, engaged or dating, while many of us are not. A small percentage have even been divorced and have children of their own.

Yet all of these generalizations of the demographics of the Young Professionals, what defines us is not our age, careers, academic achievements, past, nor even a relationship status, but the One, Jesus, who redeemed our lives. Some of us became believers at a much younger age, growing up in Christian homes. A majority of us came to know of what Jesus did on the cross for our sins in our college years, deciding to come to a life of faith and trust. Some of us are new believers. Regardless, we haven’t looked back since, simply pressing onward.

So, when we wake up each morning, the time before work, just as the sun begins to break, ready to open our Bibles, coffee in hand (at least for those of us who drink coffee), we thank the one who changed our lives, who has our whole lives planned in His hands. Oh, sure, sometimes it’s easy to concentrate on the “coulda-woulda-shouldas” hypotheticals of life or desires embedded deep within our hearts (i.e. marriage, future kids, and a family). However, and again, the hypotheticals or desires are not what define our lives nor what we are waiting for.

The life of Young Professionals in a world so broken and hurting is to be much greater than ourselves at our jobs, in the church, in the community, extending the love of Christ that is given to us so freely. We learn lessons of contentment and to continue to trust, and to see that this “stage of life” is a gift to do something great, not out of duty, but out of love for our Savior.

Most important of all, we are there for one another, helping each other discover that faith in the Lord still matters, even in the midst of careers, major life decisions, and especially when life gets a little tough. In other words, it’s the best group of men and women to have in one’s corner.

Connect with other Young Professionals in Omaha or Lincoln by checking out a YP Small Group
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