LiNC Omaha at Candlewood Church

This summer Candlewood Church is preparing to host LiNC Omaha. LiNC (Labors Impacting Nations for Christ) is a summer program that focuses on equipping and empowering students to grow in their effectiveness in sharing the Gospel. LiNC Omaha works to train students in their skills and experiences to grow in their faith and boldness in sharing the Gospel, and to increase in their capacity to love a greater diversity of people. This year’s LiNC Omaha dates are from May 24th through June 22nd. 


What Can You Do?


One of the ways that Candlewood Church can be involved with this year’s LiNC Omaha program is through prayer. Thanking God for what He has already done and asking for God’s continued care and provision with the final months of preparations. 


Praise God;

  • For the continued salvations (4!) from last year’s LiNC Omaha program!
  • For all of those that have already signed up to participate for this year!
  • For supplying 3 of 4 houses that are needed for hosting!


Prayer Requests for LiNC Omaha 2024:

  • For one more host home for the program
  • For a total of 30-40 men and women to sign up for this years program
  • For increased faith in all LiNC Omaha applicants as they grow in their trust of God for the resources, as well as favor as they request extended time off work/internships to participate in this years program
  • God’s provision for each applicant to raise the necessary funds to join the program
  • For workers to go out into harvest from every church that participates.


“Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38)


Additional Information


For more information about LiNC Omaha programs, pricing and staff, please visit 

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