What creates a connection between different people? An experience you share together. A quiet conversation looking each other eye to eye. The opportunity to tell a story. The chance to listen and care.

This summer, Candlewood Church has offered the opportunity to create connections through Koinonia 2015.

Aptly named, Koinonia (coin-o-knee-a) is a Greek word which means deep fellowship of Christians to God and other believers.

And with different events through out the summer, various groups of Candlewood community families, working professionals, and The Rock college students, mix and match to Unite, Serve, and Reach out together.

According to the pure details, these events involve nights of fellowship and Bible Study together. They are Saturday service projects helping with different needs in the Omaha and Lincoln communities and of Candlewood families. And there are days of Outreach in the neighborhoods around houses, homes and apartment complexes.

But the summer isn’t really about the details. Connections aren’t created automatically like an assembly line of conversations duly had and marked off the list. They are created slowly, as people spend the evening together and take the opportunity to learn about each other’s lives over potluck style snacks. As they listen and remember about life situations, new jobs that are starting this summer, names of coworkers that someone is praying for, the episodes that happened with a child that morning.

The connections are made as dirt is slung and bricked walkways take shape, all while working together, using everyone’s offered skills, knowledge or just plain muscle.

And as those connections form one night, they are picked up later on in the week:

How is that situation at work that you mentioned last Wednesday?

Did you get a chance to talk with your neighbor like you were hoping to?

I remember you mentioned your dad’s health hasn’t been doing so well. Any update or what can I keep praying for?

It’s a silent but comforting, “Hey, I’m there for you. I do really care about you as a person. As a friend.”

Koinonia 2015. The connecting and fellowship of a church family.


#KOINONIA continues through July
For event details, check for updates on the Church Calendar or on the Candlewood Blog.
If you’re not in a Life Group yet and want to be a part of Koinonia, email us at info@candlewoodchurch.org.