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How to Know if Your Faith is Circumstantial

Do you believe that if you do A, B and C, you can expect God and trust God to do D, E and F? So, you have consistently done A, B and C but God hasn’t done D, E or F. Suddenly, things aren’t lining up and your faith in God is shattered. 


Our faith can be very fragile, especially if our faith is based on our life’s circumstances. So, what is the foundation our faith should be built on?


What is Our Foundation for Faith?


The foundation of our faith is not an experience nor an answer to prayer. The foundation of our faith is Jesus Christ. We know that in history Jesus walked this earth as one of us, was seen, touched and loved, he taught, performed miracles, died on the cross and was raised from the dead. That’s who we have, and that’s why we believe. 


It’s easy for us to believe in God when things are going good – our way. But, when suddenly things are bad, it’s suddenly easy to question “where’s God?” How we define good or bad can sometimes be based on our situation; however, God is the only one who can make sense out of life and can answer every question. When bad things happen, we can’t make sense of it in the moment, where God sees and knows our whole life’s story. 


Our foundation of faith is not what we can see nor what we experience. If you ever met someone who truly understands and has faith you typically question them, “how can you still believe when this happened to you? How can you believe when it didn’t work out? How can you continue to have that much faith?” Their faith is not circumstantial faith. Their faith is in Jesus Christ – something that happened in history, not just in their personal life.  


Is God Your Genie in a Bottle?


Everyone loves and desires miraculous stories and the quick answers to prayer. For example, a doctor telling you your worst nightmare about a dear loved one, asking the church along with all of your friends and family to pray, and you know what? That loved one was healed! That’s an incredible story, but we have to realize that God’s not our own personal genie who will grant us every wish our heart desires. 


So, what if the other situation happened where your prayers aren’t answered the way you had hoped? We should say, “God is still good. We can still trust in God because He is our heavenly Father who loves us. Why wouldn’t we still trust in Him?” Those with circumstantial faith may say, “Why would I trust in Him? Look what happened!”


Our faith in God shouldn’t be based on health or job situation. Our faith in God is based on Him sending His Son, Jesus Christ to come into this world and die for our sins. Why should we doubt God’s care and love for us when He has given us the free gift of eternal life by accepting His son’s sacrifice? 


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What Does Your Faith Rest On?


Faith shouldn’t rest on our ability to interpret our circumstances nor does it rest in our timeline of things. Our faith rests on something that happened, when God sent His son Jesus Christ into this world to die for our sins and to be raised from the dead. That’s where we find our hope. That’s why we continue to be faithful. We walk in dependence. We depend on God to guide us through life’s broken journey. 


Why Did God Allow that to Happen to Me?


Instead of asking yourself, ““Why did God allow that to happen to me?” try asking, “did I pray and seek God’s will and guidance before I made the decision to get married, change jobs, move, or whatever the issue may be?”


If you don’t daily seek God’s will for your life, how can you blame God when things go wrong? 


There are some who think they have the power to give God instructions. Not so. As children of God, it’s our responsibility to daily seek his will for our lives. God’s guidance and direction can only begin when we stop demanding and doing our will. Needless to say, there’s a clear difference between demanding things of God versus asking things of Him. It’s good and important to bring specific prayer requests to God. 


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 

Philippians 4:6 


What is this verse trying to tell us? To pray more! Whenever you start to worry or feel anxious about life, your job, your family, relationships, stop and pray! God is your loving father who wants to help you! With any relationship, there needs to be a steady, transparent stream of communication. Pray daily to God and seek his will for your life. Tell Him all about your needs and always remember to thank him for his answers, whether that is no, yes, or not yet. 


Can it be challenging patiently waiting for God’s answers? Absolutely! It would be so much easier if we had the answers right now but remember it’s His timing, His answers, His perfect will. Not yours. His. Yours are flawed, imperfect and oftentimes self-centered. 


The good news? God’s will is far more wonderful than you can imagine. He holds great plans for you! Seek out his will and guidance in your life by 

  • being in the Word
  • praying
  • attending church
  • fellowshipping with believers
  • seeking godly counsel




Does God Answer Your Prayers?


Don’t let your faith in God be circumstantial or else it will fail you. God only asks for us to trust Him with the details of our lives. 


God always answers our prayers, but His answers may be “yes”, “no”, or “not now”. If He answers your prayer with no, don’t think it’s because He doesn’t love you. He does love you and that’s why He sent Jesus to die for you.  


Approaching God


Let’s change the way we approach God. The more we pray and read the Bible, the more mature we will become in our faith. God hasn’t promised to deliver us from our circumstances, but He has promised to deliver us through them. 


Have you begged God for something and nothing changed? Look back, God gave you the energy, the strength, and the endurance to press through the tough times. God will give you grace to endure. Don’t get frustrated and abandon God when you need His help the most in your times of need. 


Go to God


If we go to God in times of trouble, we will receive His grace and mercy. In today’s world, God knows about the consequences of sin and understands our sorrow. God mourns when there’s death but will give grace and mercy every time if we come to Him. 


The foundation of our faith should be what our God has already done for us that echoes through the ages – sending His one and only Son Jesus Christ for us so we may not perish but have everlasting life. 


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