Fall Festival 2014

On a warm fall day, what could be better than carving pumpkins, sitting on hay bales, and eating grilled hotdogs as the sun sets behind the turning leaves? Well, doing it all with friends, of course!

On Saturday, October 11th, Candlewood-Lincoln kicked off the Fall Festival festivities on a sunny afternoon at the church’s grounds on 27th and R. The neighborhood was invited, and many did come. Kids jumped inside the bounce house for hours; they pumpkin bowled, tossed bean bags, and got their faces painted. Adults and children competed in relay races from pumpkin seed spitting to candy corn throwing. And kids, ages 0-17 years old, competed in the much anticipated costume contest. A baby lion king, an iron baby, princesses, superheroes, ninjas, and hobbits paraded through the crowd.

By evening, some 40 miles away from Lincoln, Candlewood-Omaha turned out for a delightful evening of fall activities at the annual event. Numerous games, energetic bouncy houses and artistic face painters kept the children entertained and excited as they raced from one activity to the next. For the adults, footballs flew through the air and lively circles of conversation graced the front and back yards of the Whitney home. All ages also enjoyed the large spread of picnic food to eat inside or outside under the trees, wherever one could find room.


As dusk turned the evening dark, lights eliminated the stretch of gravel that proudly hosted the acclaimed costume contest runway. This year it hosted cute little super heroes, Disney princesses, jungle animals and sports athletes who all paraded (both proudly and shyly) before the adoring crowds. Even some of the adults joined in the good-natured competition of the costume contest.

To cap off the evening, a massive bonfire lit the entire back yard. Boasting at various points a flame reaching 15 feet or more into the air, it was a sight not easily missed. Small circles gathered around the comforting blaze and conversations waxed and waned as the flames crackled.

The enjoyable day was ruled a success on multiple levels. Friends were able to have extended conversations and share a fun evening of memories together. Many new friends were made as people invited their co-workers, neighbors or acquaintances to bring their children to enjoy the party. Deeper conversations were also had as various individuals explained how God had changed their lives and given them a reason to celebrate new life.

As everyone trekked home after the festival, they would all have agreed that it was a day well spent together.

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