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GCC Changes and Updates

Candlewood Church Family, 


Change is a constant in one’s life.  Change can occur in a moment of time or over the course of time.  We, as a church, have been associated with a movement of churches that began fifty years ago.


As the Association continued to mature, the leaders began asking the question, “Would God be calling us to something new?”  The answer is apparently yes whereas the official GCC Association will be dissolved December 31, 2020.


So where does that put Candlewood as of this time?  The answer, prayerfully-in the center of God’s will.  Your pastors are praying, are in conversations with other leaders, discovering other networks and associations and asking God for wisdom, guidance and His direction as we move forward.


Please be praying for our church as we are in these days of transition.  It is and will always be our honor in serving our King and His people.  Here is the official notification that has come from our national office and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate in reaching out to one of the pastors.

                                                                                                    Building together,

                                                                                                    The Candlewood Church Omaha Pastors


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If you have additional questions regarding this change, please connect with Candlewood Church here or email pastors@candlewoodchurch.org.

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