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The topic of work was covered in detail at the Great Commission Plains Fall GCLI.  Churches from Omaha, Lincoln (both representing Candlewood), Stillwater, Wichita, and Manhattan (all three under Vintage Faith) came together for the fall conference held on the campus of Kansas State University.

The location change was different from years past at Camp Oasis in Firth, NE. The change further south, however, allowed many from the Kansas and Oklahoma churches to come. And so high were the registered numbers that GCLI was forced to move locations from a little ranch outside of Manhattan to the K-State Union to allow a higher capacity. It might have taken some a little over two or three hours to drive through the plains, but the excitement was high upon arrival.

Friends greeted each other with hugs and enthusiastic hellos when they saw each other, and new acquaintances were immediately formed on that first night as they came ready to pray, worship the God who transformed their lives, and listen to the first message about work.

Pastor Tom Brown from Vintage Faith-Wichita highlighted the importance of work, that no matter what one’s vocation is it all matters to God. At the center of God’s purpose for humanity is work. Most of all, work is also an outlet for love, to love God first and foremost and to love others.

After all, work is a part of life, and whether one works the 40 hour work week, works in his/her studies as a student, or works as a stay-at-home mom, work is an opportunity to glorify and worship God.

On the second day, after breakfast and worship, GCLI continued with pastor Jeff Wieman, from Vintage Faith-Stillwater, covering points from “The Doctrine of Vocation: Worshipping and Living Out the Great Commission,” a handout passed out the night before. Jeff stressed that going to work is more than working for a boss, a supervisor, or a company, but it is about working for the Lord. And so, there must be excitement about going to work each day. There should be an attitude that in the end going to work is all for God’s glory.

With a fresh perspective on work, the men and women of GCLI left for lunch at the Vintage Faith-Manhattan location. There, whether one chose to sit outside to enjoy the warmth of the autumn day or inside the church, they mingled with fellow believers, sharing details about their lives and laughs.

This GCLI may have felt different than previous years, since it was in a new location, but the purpose was the same: to equip young men and women to be leaders in the church, to connect with other churches in the region, and to reinforce the Core Values. And it was time well spent at the mini-conference.

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