Faithwalkers-Midwest 2017: Looking Back


In late December, many members of Candlewood attended Faithwalkers, an annual conference hosted by Great Commission Churches, that aims to motivate and encourage followers of Christ in their walk of faith. The practical Biblical teaching, passionate worship and fellowship with other believers from across the country and around the world impacts each person who attends the conference, even though we may all get something different out of the weekend. And we definitely all get different things out of the same teachings, as the Lord speaks to us individually!


Everyone who went was able to share what they learned and what God is doing in their life with their small groups, but we don’t always get to hear everyone’s perspective in our church. We want to change that! We know that God is changing lives throughout Candlewood, and we want to make sure everyone hears about it!


In the words of some of our very own, this is Faithwalkers, short and sweet:


“It was my first time at Faithwalkers, and I didn’t know what to expect. From what my friends in The Rock told me, it was a life-changing event. Over those few days of the conference, The Lord really spoke to me in more ways than I can count. I really enjoyed Guang Song’s message on obedience, specifically when he touched on how genuine faith leads to genuine obedience and how obeying God is essentially living out our faith in Him. Throughout the rest of the message, I meditated on that. There have been many times I’ve let myself be held back from being wholeheartedly obedient to God and didn’t know why. Hearing that made me realize that my faith wasn’t as genuine and authentic as I thought it was. Wholeheartedly trusting God and being obedient are two areas I want to grow in this year. Faithwalkers was a very refreshing time full of wonderful teachings, worship, and fellowship, and encouragement. I strongly encourage everyone to go, regardless of where you are in your walk with The Lord.” – Faith Idachaba, Journalism Major at UNL


“The aspect of Faithwalkers that really set it apart to me was the feeling of community. Having been to various Christian conferences before, I was used to going to a conference and only being around the small group that I went with, making it feel like I was only experiencing it with a handful of people and not the whole group. Faithwalkers felt more like a family reunion where we learned about God together. We worshiped together. I was fellowshipping with everyone in the room, instead of just the people that I came with, and I think that that also makes our hearts more open to receive the teaching. I will definitely continue going to Faithwalkers for years to come.”
– Andrew Riley, Licensed Realtor in Lincoln, NE


“Why is it so difficult to bring kids to Faithwalkers? To those of you parents out there who have done this very thing, I know you could give me a mile long list in a blink of an eye. Maybe on your list, you’d find ‘not able to listen to teachings,’ or maybe it’s fussy toddlers that don’t understand what quiet means, (I’m pretty sure all those toddlers learned from my toddlers), so yeah, I get it. Maybe you’ve asked yourself after the conference, on your way home, ‘Why did we even go? I got nothing out of it.’ As a mom who has been there, done that, asked those very same questions, here are a couple things I’ve learned going to Faithwalkers with kids for the last 8 years: God wants to meet me right where I’m at! Whether it’s walking the hall with the said-fussy toddler or trying to get a cranky baby to nap in a hotel room, He sees me, and He wants to speak to me! But here’s the kicker: I have to go with the expectation and desperation that He is going to speak. I don’t have to be sitting in a main teaching or listening uninterrupted to a seminar to have my world rocked by my Savior. Test Him with this. I promise He won’t fail you, and I won’t be a liar. Second thing: the fellowship. Period. Done. Drop the mic and go home. If you want to be encouraged by other moms and dads and families that are there doing the same thing you are, who are striving to win with their kids just like you, GO! Meet someone new, talk to someone old (as in old friend, or just old, they’re good, too and have a lot of wisdom.) I’ve walked away from Faithwalkers not hearing a single word spoken from a man or woman up on those stages, but I still left encouraged and spurred on, all because the body of Christ is doing what it’s called to do: love and encourage. So try it. Go to Faithwalkers and bring your kids with you and see what the Lord can do with that kind of faith.” – Hannah Unger, Mom of Four Amazing Men


Each of these perspectives could be a whole post in and of themselves, and they offer only a glimpse of what God does in a person’s heart during a conference like this. We hope you are as encouraged by their words as we are!


Faithwalkers Main Sessions and Seminars are available here!


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