Faithwalkers 2016 | The Blueprint

A Blueprint. A Guide. A Direction.

Each year, a couple thousand individuals converge on a conference center to reflect on a topic and to refocus on the Lord at the annual Faithwalkers conference. This year, Des Moines was the location of choice, and the December cold brew coldly through the Midwest city streets as conference goers trekked to the center each morning. But undeterred they came, with over 250 from Candlewood, as the topic of The Blueprint was unpacked.

The individual Blueprint that God has for each person is varied, but pastor after pastor encouraged those listening to hold fast in the coming year to some solid, life-changing truths to help guide their lives. See God in the little moments of your life. Do what He has told you to do. Look out for the needs of those around you. Show up and be with your church family. Pay attention to ways to share the gospel. Turn away from sin. Get excited about what God has in store for us in Heaven.

The time wasn’t only spent in contemplation, though. Music drew each heart to God through roaring shouts of praise and through soft songs of remembering. Old friendships were rekindled with friends made on past mission trips, those who moved to other churches, and family spread-out across the country. And games, laughter, selfies and conversations filled moments of resting and regrouping with Small Group friends.

But for most of the conference, look around the room and what do you see? Eyes attentive, pens scribbling notes, Bibles consulted and underlined, mothers watching their children with love, many hearts willing to learn and grow from what God was speaking to them.

A Blueprint is being created for each person’s life. Now for the exciting part of seeing what will be built in all those lives in the coming year.

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