Faithwalkers 2015 | Defining Moments

A shift. A pull. A desire to change and grow. Sometimes to initiate a change in your life, you need someone to speak up and speak out about hard things you need to hear. Sometimes change needs you to sit quietly with the Lord, working through your life and needs. And sometimes, God will use both of those together to bring lasting transformation in your life.

This year’s Faithwalkers conference brought many people to a place of change and growth through a time focused on the stories of others’ lives lived with the Lord.

If you focus on just the nuts and bolts, Faithwalkers is a yearly conference that Candlewood attends with members of other Great Commission churches from around the country and the world. Lasting three days, the conference centers around teachings by men and women leading churches in the Midwest area. Also, as a highlight of the conference is the energetic singing and worship of the Lord each morning and evening. Add in a large dose of time to spend catching up with friends from your church that you don’t see very often, plus making new friends from other churches in neighboring cities, and you have an engaging weekend spent surrounded by people who love and are faithfully serving the Lord.

Beyond the nuts and bolts though, this year’s conference was a turning point for many in Candlewood. At the joint-church tie-down session on the last day, individuals from all walks of life shared with their church family about the stories, thoughts and truth that God had been impressing on them throughout the weekend. They shared about verses they will be claiming this next year, exclaimed praise for what God had done since they were at Faithwalkers last year, and talked about both small and great actions they are committing to do in the upcoming months. The over-arching theme prevailed, as all shared a confident assurance that God cared and was involved in each individual heart in that room – both those who spoke and those who listened.

Ask around at church, and see what individual stories you can find of how God influenced a life at Faithwalkers 2015. For all who went, be assured it was a time of change. It was a break-through. It was a Defining Moment.

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