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While we love our TEDx, SXSW, and even our ComicCon conferences, the conference that continues to be collectively our most anticipated event of the year remains Faithwalkers. For over 10 years this annual conference draws thousands together to worship, learn, examine their lives, and grow closer in their relationship with the Lord.

This year stood out from others as a grand total of 166 individuals from Candlewood attended the conference. From all stages of life of newly married, to working singles, to college students, these committed numbers braved the frigid winter weather of Dec 27 – 30 to convene at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa with other Midwest churches.

This year, the conference focused around the theme of Heroes. As pastors from around the region preached, they focused on how we can learn from the lives of Hannah, Joshua, Daniel, Ruth and others whose real-life heroic stories are told in the Bible. With poignant examples, rich storytelling, and inspiring calls to action, the men who spoke used the examples of those who lived and walked with the Lord before our time to challenge those listening to live heroically in their own lives.

Afternoon break-out sessions then dealt with a wide variance of other topics. These men and woman spoke on truth from the Bible on topics such as forgiveness, idols in our lives, failing successfully and the reliability of the Bible. During meals and break times, small groups spontaneously discussed some of these break-out sessions, sharing back and forth what they learned and were thinking about from the various sessions.

A highlight at the end of the conference was, as always, the Candlewood Tie-Down, and this year was no different. In this intimate time, everyone from both Omaha and Lincoln locations came together to share some of the things God had taught them over the course of the conference. Tears flowed as stories were shared of God breaking through with truth to hard hearts or in comforting those with hard situations. A bonded group left that room to face life and the coming year together…as a family.

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