Experience Week

Week three of The Rock‘s LT program took a different approach towards building a community. Experience Week brought us a new insight into teamwork and leadership.

While the pastors were away, we came out to play.

Monday night, we broke into groups of 6-7 people and shared our testimonies – our own personal stories of our journey with God. In these groups, we had the ability to learn about each other and how each person’s journey is completely different from one another. When you get the opportunity to share your personal story and to listen to others’ personal story, it builds a connection. That connection then builds into friendship, and that friendship then turns into unity. That unity is essential for building a community.

Tuesday night brought team building exercises, ranging from building with noodles and a marshmallow to tennis balls and rackets. There were 4 different stations to go through during the evening. We were split by Small Groups, and those were our teams for the evening. The first station brought us an experience of building with uncooked noodles and a single marshmallow. We had 14 minutes to build the tallest tower we could build with a limited supply of materials such as tape, a piece of string, one marshmallow, and about 20 uncooked noodles. This station was a challenge. Without communication and a vision, the tower could not stand alone.

The next station brought a deeper look into building community. We sat in a circle and were told to think about a strength we have. After thinking about our own strengths, we then had to tell others in the circle what we thought their strengths were. It is so helpful to identify your strengths as an individual when you hear what others see in you.

The third station brought a “put your foot in my shoes” experience. One person was nominated at this station to lead the group. The group had to have their eyes closed and had to follow directions given by the nominated leader. Once completed, the leader then had to lead the group without saying a word. Upon comparing the two exercises and how they were both difficult at times, we came to the conclusion that we are more prone to follow leaders that lead by example; after all, “actions speak louder than words”.

The final station brought together teamwork and communication as well as some hand eye coordination. We were given rackets and a tennis ball, and the goal was that you had to hit the ball on everyone’s racket before hitting it into a basket.

At the end of the night we all were brought back together and we talked about the importanceof team work, and how this experience is not just about one person. We are all a part of one body and we need to work together as a body to accomplish the mission set before us.

“Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12:12

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